Required Documents

HomeHelpMN is no longer accepting applications.

If you applied before the program closed, you will be notified if your application is reviewed. 
We will contact you if more information is needed.


Please print, sign in ink, and then return via one of the following methods:

  • Upload: scan or take a photo of the document and upload to your account
  • Fax to 1-612-435-4863
  • Mail to HomeHelpMN, P.O. Box 2408, Minneapolis, MN 55402


If needed:

Information about appealing an application decision: 

Proof of ownership

Please provide one of the following:

  • Property tax statement (preferred)
  • Warranty deed
  • Contract for deed
  • Mortgage statement
  • Co-op lease (where applicable)
  • Certificate of Title (manufactured homes)

Photo identification

All applicants must have a state issued, federal issued, Tribal or other photo identification

Income documentation

Provide recent income documents for all income sources for all household members listed in your application. There are several ways to document your income. You only need to complete one for each household member:

Option 1:

  • Your adjusted gross income, as reported on your 2021 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040 series

Or option 2:
Your current income, using your most recent pay information.

  • Pay statements
  • Receipts
  • Eligibility letters provided by government programs (such as Social Security)
  • Bank statement showing deposit amounts
  • Other pay documents

If no income:

  • Sign the Attestation of No Income for all adults with no income OR
  • Depending on your property zip code, further income documentation may not be required.

Housing Assistance Documentation

Provide a copy of a recent statement for all accounts you are requesting payment for.

  • Mortgage payment: Provide a recent mortgage statement.
  • Manufactured/mobile home payment: Provide recent loan statement.
  • Manufactured/mobile home lot rent: Provide past-due notice.
  • Co-op, condo or homeowners association fees/charges: Provide recent statement from co-op or condo association.
  • Property taxes: Provide recent statement from county or municipality.
  • Homeowners insurance: Provide recent statement from homeowner’s insurance company.
  • Contract for Deed: Provide recent statement AND copy of recorded Contract for Deed documents.