1. Get Ready to Apply for HomeHelpMN

2. Contact your mortgage loan servicer to discuss options.

Whether you are currently in forbearance, exiting forbearance, have missed one or more payments, or are worried about falling behind, this is the first step to resolving your concerns.  

Your loan servicer may be able to help, or you may qualify for mortgage relief outside of HomeHelpMN. Visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to learn more.

3. Make an appointment with a HUD-certified housing counselor/homeownership advisor.

If you are working with a housing counselor/homeownership advisor for foreclosure avoidance, they  can help you navigate applications, communicate with your lender, and connect you with additional programs and resources that can provide assistance. Visit the Minnesota Homeownership Center to find an advisor. These services are free of charge and confidential. Many advisors offer virtual appointments.  

4. Apply for Energy Assistance.

Homeowners may qualify for help with past-due heat, power and water bills as well as future energy costs. Visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce or call 800.657.3710 to learn more about eligibility and apply.  

5. Stay alert to avoid fraud.

Scam activity is on the rise from people pretending to offer foreclosure help or government grants. Never give out personal or financial information or passwords over the phone, and don’t pay a fee for foreclosure help. You can learn more at Stop Home Scams.

6. Discover other resources

Find other sources of support for homeowners, including additional mortgage relief programs, financing for home repairs, tax help, food assistance, emergency support programs, and more.